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With a legacy spanning over 45 years, Patel Group stands tall in the construction industry, exemplifying an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our steadfast vision revolves around the delivery of high-value projects, which emphasizes our focus on communication and attention to detail.

Renowned and reputable, Patel Group has left a significant mark on the Construction and Development Industry. Our portfolio boasts the successful completion of a myriad of residential, commercial, and industrial projects, over the years.

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Genuineness of land

Industrial Projects

Residential Projects

Construction & Engineering

Delivering Fool-Proof Construction and Engineering Solutions

Home Building & Renovation

Your Premier Destination for Home Building and Renovation Expertise

Maintenance & Repairs

From preventative maintenance to clean and repair, get a wide spectrum of home maintenance services

Industrial Equipment and Specialists

Our team of industry experts redefine the standards in engineering and construction services

Why choose us

We work to an extremely high standard of customer satisfaction

Our Philanthrophy

At Patel Group, philanthropy is ingrained in our core values and commitment to making a positive impact on society. With a legacy spanning over 45 years in the construction industry, we have extended our reach beyond buildings and structures to touch lives and transform communities through our philanthropic ventures.

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Ensuring a safe experience from design to installation

We’re following all protocols to ensure your safety and vaccination drives are underway to ensure our employees are ready to meet you safely.

our project

Explore our kitchen designs

Explore finished kitchens from some of our customers and see how they created their dream kitchen while getting ideas for your own.

Stunning kitchens, simplified process

We’ve revamped the entire kitchen design process, tailoring it around you. And, we partnered with Germany’s most popular kitchen manufacturer to offer studio-quality kitchens at big-box prices.


A modern approach to design

Work 1:1 with an experienced designer to create your one-of-a-kind kitchen, backed by a perfect fit guarantee.

Pioneering Excellence in Residential, Commercial and industrial Projects

From its inception, Patel Group envisioned a distinctive approach to crafting residential and commercial projects—a model centered on unwavering quality and attention to detail.

As we reflect on our journey, it becomes evident that our initial commitment to excellence has not only shaped our identity but has also fortified us to confidently navigate the most demanding projects of today. With a rich history behind us, we stride into the future, with the confidence that our experiences have uniquely positioned us to embrace and excel in the challenges that lie ahead.

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Testimonials from Influential Voices

At Patel Group, customer contentment stands as our ultimate goal. The testimonials from our satisfied clients serve as a testament to the excellence embedded in our high-quality services, to enable their projects to succeed.

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