Patel Group

Rainbow Centre Saddar

A Timeless Icon in Karachi

Established in 1985, Rainbow Center stands as a testament to Patel Group’s visionary contributions to Karachi’s urban landscape. This iconic high-rise complex, built under the supervision of Mr. Irfan Patel, marked a distinctive era in the 1980s when Patel Group led the way in constructing high

Asia's Largest CD and DVD Market

With an impressive construction timeline, Rainbow Center swiftly became Asia’s largest CD and DVD market. Comprising 300 shops and 200 apartments, Rainbow Center’s unique combination of commercial and residential spaces was a groundbreaking concept in its time. This architectural marvel not only enriched Karachi’s skyline during the 1980s and 1990s but continues to be a thriving commercial complex.

Located in the Heart of Karachi

Strategically located in the heart of Karachi’s Saddar Area, Rainbow Center remains a bustling hub of activity, contributing to the vibrant commercial spirit of the city. Its strategic location has made it a preferred destination for businesses and shoppers alike.

Thriving Commercial Complex

Decades later, Rainbow Center retains its status as an enduring commercial complex. Its rich history, coupled with contemporary relevance, reflects the resilience and timelessness embedded in Patel Group’s ventures.